I'm Stuck. HELP!

You may be one of the many people out there that has a good sense of where they are headed or where they are meant to be but just feel really stuck. Like you keep experiencing setbacks or run into barriers that just don’t seem to get out of your way.

Sometimes what we don’t realize is that we are in our own way. We’re blind to what we’re doing to sabotage or short-circuit ourselves. This can come up in the form of lack of movement in your life in certain areas. Perhaps you’re having trouble committing to a job or relationship. Maybe you keep have panic attacks every time you need to present something at work. Or maybe every time you get into a conflict with your spouse you keep doing the same thing that leads to more conflict. Whatever the case may be if you find you’re in a pattern or a cycle that keeps rearing its head in your face it might have something to do with you.

We all have unconsciously held beliefs that hold symptoms in place. Another way of saying it is something deep down (that we are unaware of) is creating the symptoms. And as awful, frustrating and down right destructive some of those symptoms are, they keep coming up because we’re avoiding something that is perceived (on an unconscious level) to be much worse.

Here is the hopeful part. Once we figure out what we’re believing emotionally about life or our situation, and we spend the time rewiring that, the symptoms remit (they go away). Our unconsciously held beliefs necessitate our symptoms. When the dysfunctionally storied beliefs are updated the symptoms are no longer necessary. They go away.

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