Frequently Asked Questions

Why intensive brief EMDR therapy?

Intensive sessions allow more time to work through the core memories associated with the present day problem.  Sixty minute sessions can be limiting in that by the time the client gets in touch with their unresolved past its nearly time to wrap the session up. Longer sessions allow more time and space to resolve larger portions of the unresolved experience.  Length of sessions and duration of treatment are unique to each person and level of need.

What do you mean by brief?

My approach is based in neuro-psychotherapeutic models that tend to lend themselves to faster resolution than other types of talk therapy. Brief means “time in session” will be less overall. You may spread your sessions out over time or schedule them closer together.

Brief can seem long for complex cases and so this needs to be considered as well. When you complete an intake session I often have a better picture in mind and can give you an idea regarding treatment duration.

Do you only offer EMDR therapy?

Sometimes EMDR isn’t the best fit for you. My specialty lies in finding ways to integrate it when it appears would be most helpful. If EMDR doesn’t seem suitable I will focus on other approaches to help resolve symptoms at the root. In my approach I see symptoms as resulting from emotionally held beliefs that are a result of unresolved patterns of adversity or trauma. Whatever approach we use in session the focus will be on finding where it began and how you can best release it in order to see symptom relief and feel better. Whether you’re engaging in my intensive program or seeing me for individual weekly hourly sessions, EMDR may be integrated as it seems necessary.

How do I know this type of therapy would be good for me?

Here are some examples:

  • You’ve tried talk therapy and have found it helpful, but also notice you are still stuck in unhealthy behaviors, debilitating symptoms, and sabotaging thinking patterns.

  • You feel stuck in life and are noticing a lack of overall movement toward your goals.

  • You believe therapy would be helpful but you don’t want it to go on and on for an extended amount of time.

  • You find you are stable in many areas of your life but there are specific areas of your life in which you feel stuck.

  • You know you have layers of intense and difficult trauma in your past and want to be able to devote more time in a session to working through those traumas rather than in a typical one hour session per week.

  • You know how to keep it together on the outside but you feel like you’re “hanging on for dear life” on the inside.

  • There is an area you are struggling to perform in and want to move past your barriers and experience more success and fulfillment in this area.

Why Group Therapy?

The group experience has three basic purposes.  

  1. This allows individual the time and space to do self exploration in a safe environment with others on the same journey. The group provides exercises for exploration, stabilization, and preparation for intensive therapy (if needed).

  2. If you need intensive therapy, it provides an environment to learn more about EMDR, trauma, and adversity. It will provide you the space and time you need to identify what you really want to focus on in individual therapy.

  3. It is cost effective. In EMDR there can be multiple sessions spent preparing you to begin the reprocessing portion of therapy. The group setting allows you to do that for a fraction of the cost.

How much does it cost?

Preparation for this type of therapy is a huge key to success.  We offer a few options for getting  you prepared to do the bulk of the therapeutic work.  No matter how you choose to prepare for your intensive individual therapy, once you have completed preparation for the intensive portion of your therapy one of our goals is to help you resolve your problems in a brief format.  Your goals for therapy and level of severity will determine recurrence and duration of the individual portion of your treatment.  Schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation to learn more.


If you prefer to get started quickly and then begin your intensive individual therapy, we offer a workshop  This work shop consists of two sessions that last two and half hours.  To attend both workshops (required to begin intensive therapy) the cost is $125.


If you prefer a group setting - a very powerful opportunity to connect with others and learn together - I offer an eight-week 90-minute group to help you prepare for intensive therapy.  To attend all eight group sessions the cost is $200.


You have the option to forego workshops and group sessions by starting individual therapy right away.  One advantage to joining a group or attending the workshops is the cost savings.  It takes two to three (sometimes more) individual sessions to prepare for intensive individual therapy.  The hourly rate for individual therapy is $120.

What types of payment do you take?

We accept cash, check, credit card, and HSA/FSA cards.

Do you offer payment plans?

No, we do not offer payment plans.