TeleMental Heatlh

I’ll be honest when I first heard about telemental health I was skeptical. How would one be able to maintain confidentiality or truly connect with their client’s using this approach? Over the last couple of years this options for mental health has taken a front row seat. With the new technology platforms (i.e. zoom) are offering great options for safe and secure interactions.

If you don’t know what this service is, it is mental health counseling conducted via video conferencing. You can see your therapist from the comfort of home. It is a great option if you live an a rural area where your options are limited. It also comes in handy if you’re home with a sick kid or the weather is bad and you still want to keep your appointment with your therapist.

Some therapy modalities (types of therapy) do not work very well with telemental health. Typically the experiential therapies don’t work very well. Since EMDR is an experiential therapy you might wonder why I’m even bothering to blog about this. Well, even in EMDR there are sessions that can be conducted in this manner. History taking and some of the preparation are a possibility for this platform. Also, once a client has fully reprocessed a memory it is often helpful for them to discuss the insight and changes they have seen since the session.

While I focus primarily on EMDR in my private practice I also integrate Coherence Therapy. Like EMDR this therapy is a transformative therapy that focuses on changing problems at the roots. It does not, however, require the in-person experiential aspects that EMDR does. If you’re interested in learning more about the approach I take with clients, contact me here.

Stay tuned for a blog that will include a brief explanation of Coherence Therapy.

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